Public Records Request

Public Records Request Form

To submit a request, please fill out the Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request Information

Pursuant to NCGS § 132, the Town of Indian Trail shall make available to the public all records that are in its custody and control and that are defined as "public records" under NCGS 132-1. Per NCGS 132-2, the Custodian of the records for the Town of Indian Trail is the Town Clerk.

Public Records Request Process

  1. Any person may request public records from the Town.
  2. Individuals seeking Public Records from the Town are requested to use the Public Records Request Form located on the Town's website. This form will be routed to the Town's Communications Director for processing and coordination.
  3. The requestor shall receive a response within ten (10) days from the submission of the request.
  4. In most cases, records are provided electronically at no cost to the requestor.
  5. When a response requires more than four hours of clerical or information technology assistance, a special service charge is applied, pursuant to NCGS § 132-6.2(b ).

Scope of Requests

Please ensure records are identifiable and the scope is not too large. If necessary, staff will attempt to narrow the scope or make the requestor aware of the timeframe for receiving such information and of any associated costs.


  1. Confidential information as defined throughout the NC general statutes shall be redacted by the Town prior to the release of any records.
  2. The Town will return records in the format requested. If the format is not available, the Town will utilize what is available to return the records requested.
  3. The Town is not required to create records but to only provide documents held or within the control of the Town.
  4. The Town is not required to provide records that are available on the Town's website.
  5. Large record requests may require more time to process.

Costs for Excessive and Timely Record Requests Costs per NCGS §132-6.2b

  1. In addition to charges for hard copies, the time required over four hours will be charged at an hourly rate. Staff time spent searching for, locating, collecting, sorting, copying, and preparing the records to be produced will count towards the four (4) hour threshold.
  2. Multiple requests within a short period of time are considered a single request.
  3. Prior to filling excessively large requests, the charges will be estimated and communicated to the requestor. If greater than $25, a partial payment will be required. Payment in full is required before records will be released.

Fees Permitted per NCGS §132-6.2*

  1. Time over 4 Hours@ $4.50 per¼ hour ($18/Hr.)
  2. Excessive use of Information Technology (What the Town is charged.)
  3. Flash Drives $5.95 each
  4. Paper Copies $.05 Black and White copies; $.50 for Color Copies.
  5. Certified Copies: $5 for the first page and $2 per each additional page.
  6. Reimbursed will only be requested through the use of the fees outlined under Section IV.