Adopt A Stream and Storm Drain Marking

Adopt-a-Stream Program

Waterways can accumulate trash due to rain washing and people dumping debris into the storm drainage system. The Town’s Adopt-A-Stream program can be a helpful tool to assist the Town in keeping our waterways clean. It is a volunteer-based program that allows our citizens to be involved in the community while providing valuable information to Town staff about stream conditions. It can be a great opportunity for HOAs, businesses, churches, sports associations, or scout groups to perform a social or team-building activity. 

To participate in the Adopt-A-Stream program, volunteers are required to clean up a stream segment once a year for two years. We will supply all the materials you need and collect the trash you pick up. Once a group fulfills this requirement, the group qualifies to have its name on an Adopt-A-Stream road sign! 

Of course, a citizen or group of citizens can also choose to hold one or more cleanups at a stream without the commitment of an Adopt-A-Stream contract. Town staff can help you coordinate this event and provide you with supplies.   

Storm Drain Marking

Just like the Adopt-A-Stream Program, this volunteer-based program helps protect waterways by educating the community on how storm drains connect to streams and lakes. Our goal is to mark every storm drain in the Town, and with your help, this could happen.

With this program, you can volunteer to install the markers yourself or recruit a group of people to help.  All you need to do is to identify the streets or subdivisions you would like to mark, and count how many storm drain frames they are.  

If you would like to participate in either of these programs, contact the Engineering Department at 704-821-5401, and the staff will walk you through the process.