Public Works

The primary responsibility of the Public Works Department is to keep the Town's infrastructure in working order for daily public use. We manage the maintenance of building and grounds, streets and sidewalks, parks, stormwater, fleets, street light requests and solid waste and recycling collection. While these are most of the Department's routine responsibilities, it would be impossible to fully list all of the services that are provided to make the Town the best it can possibly be. Our Department takes pride in providing the residents of Indian Trail with the highest level of services possible while maintaining a budget that allows the taxes to remain one of the lowest in Union County.

Operating Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Mission Statement

We, the team members of the Public Works Department, make it our mission to support and enhance a high quality of life for the Town's residents, businesses, and visitors by providing maintenance of the buildings and grounds, streets and sidewalks, parks, stormwater, fleet, and solid waste and recycling collection in the most cost-effective, responsible, and efficient way possible. 

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