FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA Preliminary Floodplain Map Updates

FEMA has been in the process of updating its FIRM Floodplain Maps in Union County for the past couple of years.  Some property owners will receive a letter in the mail because their property is proposed to be affected by the updated floodplain delineations. Map maintenance revisions are based on community-requested flood hazard data needs for specific streams.  The revisions include changes to streams reflected on the affected map maps for Union County. You are encouraged to review the updated floodplain data at NCFMP’s webpage (http://fris.nc.gov/fris/). The NCFMP’s webpage allows you to review the data. Click on the graphic below to help you understand the different colors shown on the maps. 

How to Interpret a Floodplain Map August 2023Union County, in partnership with the affected municipalities and the NC Department of Public Safety, is hosting a public information and comment meeting on September 13, 2023, from 5 – 8 PM at the Union County Government Center, located at 500 North Main Street in Monroe. You are encouraged to attend to learn more about these changes and how you can provide any additional information to appeal these changes. 

Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)

FIRM is the official map of a community on which FEMA has delineated both the special hazard areas and the risk premium zones applicable to the community. Find more information at their website, https://msc.fema.gov/portal

Why Use FIRM

  • Community officials use the FIRM to administer floodplain management regulations and to mitigate flood damage.
  • Lending institutions and federal agencies use the FIRM to locate properties and buildings in relation to mapped flood hazards, and to determine whether flood insurance is required when making loans or providing grants following a disaster for the purchase or construction of a building.
  • Private citizens and insurance and brokers use the FIRM to locate properties and buildings in flood insurance risk areas.

How to Read FIRM

This tutorial educates users on the use and application of FEMA FIRMs. Each component of the FIRM is explored. The tutorial includes a section that contains examples of getting specific information from FIRMs.

How to Change or Correct a FIRM

FEMA has established administrative procedures for changing effective FIRMs based on new or revised scientific or technical data.