CATS Silver Line Light Rail Project

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is in a Pre-Project Development study to finalize the alignment of the LYNX Silver Line Light Rail, which is part of its 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan. The current alignment for the Silver Line is a proposed 26-mile light rail line stretching from the Town of Matthews, through Uptown Charlotte and continuing westward out to the City of Belmont.

However, as part of the Pre-Project Development, CATS is exploring the possibility of extending the Silver Line past Mecklenburg County into Stallings and Indian Trail.


What is Light Rail?

Light Rails are powered by overhead electrical wires and provide transportation for metropolitan areas. The CATS LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte was the first light rail in North Carolina and has been a popular mode of transportation ever since.

Why is the Silver Line needed?

The entire region is growing. According to CATS, the Silver line will:
  • Establish reliable transit to connect the region, enhance quality of life and strengthen access to opportunities.
  • Use transit to influence and shape growth while respecting community character.
  • Increase mobility in each corridor through effective transit investments.

Who rides the Light Rail?

Everyone! People ride the light rail for many different reasons, including:
  • Commuting to and from work. The consistency of the light rail schedule makes it a stress-free way for businessmen and women to commute to Charlotte and back.
  • Education. A terminus point for the Blue Line ends at UNC Charlotte, making the campus accessible for everyone, even if they don’t own a vehicle.
  • Tourism. There are several Park and Ride stations along the light rail, making it easy for people to access all the amenities along the line.
This video provides an excellent example of how transit and the light rail connects people and places:

How would the Silver Line benefit Indian Trail?

The Silver Line would provide more convenient access to the Charlotte area for work and play. Conversely, having a station and terminus point in Union County would bring visitors to our area to patronize our restaurants, shops and other businesses, thus supporting our local economy without increasing traffic in our Town.

Will the proposed Silver Line impact residential neighborhoods in Indian Trail?

No. While the Union County portion of the project is not yet confirmed, early track alignment designs show that it will not impact single family residential areas. There are only a few viable areas for the track to come in through Stallings along US-74 or Matthews-Indian Trail Road.

When will Indian Trail know if it is on the Silver Line alignment?

The Town should know sometime this fall whether Indian Trail and/or Union County will be part of the Silver Line alignment.

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